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Most of these game types are balanced towards the war including
two teams. You can always add more teams for a diverse and challenging addition to the battle. Rules can be tweaked as you
practice and gain experience.


This simple match mode requires one group of players to defend a pre-specified base or point, while the other team tries to capture it. Usually, this game type comes with a time limit, giving an added thrill to players who are required to rush to the finish. If the defending team continues to defend the point until the time runs out, they win. If the attacking team captures the point and is holding it while time expires, they win.


Capture the flag gives an extra goal for players. Each team is given a colored flag, which is placed on their side of the field. The goal is to defend their own flag while also attempting to capture and steal the enemy’s flag. The first team to capture the other team’s flag a certain number of times (typically once) is the team to win.


This is an extremely thrilling match option for those who want to take their Nerf wars to the next level. Each team is given an unarmed player to play the hostage, who will be hidden at the enemy’s base. The opposing team must successfully rescue their hostage within a certain time limit in order to win. The hostage cannot move until one of the friendly players taps them with their hand.


Deathmatch is one of the most popular – if not the most popular – forms of Nerf wars. This is a standard combat match, where players must simply tag out the enemy team and take them down before they are taken down themselves. Each team has a certain amount of tags, or “deaths”, until they are out for good. The last team to have any remaining players wins the match.


Similar to “attack and defend”, the control points Nerf war match adds a dynamic challenge to the game. There are a pre-determined amount of points set out among the field, and the teams must fight each other to take control of these points. In order to capture a point, a player must stand next to the point and count to a certain number, typically 10 or 15, in order to capture it. If the player counts to the number without being attacked or tagged, they are then able to switch the control point’s colors with their own team’s colors. The first team to capture the other team’s home base wins the challenge.

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