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GelBlaster Surge Parties

We're totally excited to now offer GelBlaster Surge and Low FPS Airsoft at the TPA CQBattlehouse  Arena 


It's awesome to be able to have our dream come to fruition after many years of planning and coordination.

We have been planning to offer an outdoor activity like this for quite some time, with our earlier attempts in different areas of the state.  With the acquisition of our new facility on 50 Shaw Road, we can finally move forward. 


Our outdoor location is an appropriate setting for holding games and training sessions of multiple kinds.  

If you and your family are looking for a fun, unique and exciting option for your upcoming party or event, be sure to consider TPA CQBattlehouse. 

Gel Blaster is going to change the way you play! Keep your head in the game with customizable colors and accessories. Blast revolutionary water based Gel Pellets also known as “Gellets”, with out worrying about the mess! Gellets burst on contact and immediately begin to evaporate for minimal clean up and maximum fun! Get ready to have a Blast

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